Captain Hook Light Switch

peter pan nursery light switch


For our peter pan nursery, we created a captain hook light switch. what do you guys think?
here is how I made it:
  • red felt
  • white felt
  • black ribbon
  • silver paper or silver paint
  • scissors
  • *I used my cricut as well to create the hook, I'm sure you could find a template for a
  • hook if you don't have one.
  • glue/hot glue
  • cheap lightswitch cover
  • red paint (optional)

if you have the disney classics cartridge for the cricut, you can simply use that to cut a hook out. if not, find a template online. print and cut. I cut it out on a gray cardstock and then painted it silver. You could purchase silver paper though if you wanted to make it easier.

simply cut some red felt to fit your light switch cover. I cut the red felt to be longer than the cover so that it hangs on the bottom. I painted the cover in red as well just in case it showed anywhere (this is optional). You will need to place the cover on top of the red felt and trace a hole for the light switch.

Next glue, the hook right above overlapping where the cover will be placed so that the bottom of the hook is underneath the cover. Then attach the cover onto the wall. Cut out the red felt. Glue the felt in place on top of the cover using craft glue or hot glue. I used craft glue and it worked just fine.

Next, cut out and estimate on the measurements for the white cuff. This was easy and I just estimated it when I placed it on. I didn't measure. glue it on top of the red felt. Glue two small pieces of black ribbon and tie them on the bottom together.

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