Birthday Cake Shake Treat


shake the cake in a mason jar


for my brother's birthday, I made him a cake shake. I had lots of inspiration from pinterest and blogs.

I had seen quite a few desserts put in mason jars including birthday cakes. I decided to make it into more of a shake and
make it EASIER. in fact, I didn't even bake (I really didn't have
the time) Here is what I did:


You will need the following items:

4-6 chocolate hostess cupcakes or ding dongs
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1 tablespoon powdered sugar
a dash of vanilla
3 chocolate snack pack pudding cups
mason jar
candy necklace (optional)


I broke up the hostess cupcakes into pieces and put them in the bottom of the mason jar. I then mixed the heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla until smooth and like a whipping cream.

After I mixed the pudding into the cream and placed it into a microwave safe bowl to create a more liquid texture. I only
microwaved it for like 30 seconds. I filled it into the mason jar until it reached about 3/4 full, and placed the jar in the fridge.
Be sure to close the lid tightly. Then when you give it to that special someone, or enjoy it for yourself tell them to shake their cake to mix it together and then enjoy.

It was really really good. I tasted it at home before giving it to my brother. I also placed a candy necklace around the top to make it fun. I would keep it in the fridge or freezer before serving for at least an hour. It tastes better that way.