Peter Pan Baby Nursery

 The Peter Pan Nursery

Alright people, it's done! our adorable Cruz Milo's nursery is finished. I have a bunch of tutorials on how we put this together so be sure to check them all out. These are just the finished pictures and some info and the store bought stuff. 

Peter Pan Nursery Projects  &  Tutorials.

Q: Where did you buy everything? 

A: Lets talk about the stuff I bought: I will tell you, most of it was from Ikea. The crocodile, red striped curtains, play mat, large green leaf by his bed, the walker, and the pillow by his bed were all from Ikea. His bed is a Joovy brand. The chair we got at a thrift store. It was brand new but was a "missing piece". It was supposed to be a sofa. It worked perfectly where we needed it though. The frames with peter pan artwork were found at the dollar tree but I did cut out some peter pan black cutouts with my cricut for some of them that went inside. The other artwork and printables were found online. If you have any other questions about store bought items, send me an e-mail and I will try to answer them for you. 

NO SEW red stripe curtains
This were simple and we still need to finish them. We purchased fabric at Ikea. They have lots of options. I had been looking everywhere for a red and white striped fabric and was excited to find exactly what I wanted.
We cut and purchased the fabric, and brought it home. We had pre-measured what we would need and cut it to fit the upper area for a curtain as well as the window curtain.

On the area where we cut, you can buy no-sew tape to iron on around the hem or you could purposefully fray it to make it look more "pirate"--whatever you look best. The first option will last longer but take more work and time. After that just hang the fabric on ikea hooks that I bought a long with a wire rod from Ikea or you can purchase a small thin rod at walmart and hang the hooks on it. Then you don't have to sew the top of the fabric. here is the link to the ikea fabric: sofia fabric 7.99/yard

I am all about NO SEW projects because, well....I don't sew. I am pretty terrible at it. Hope this helps those who are in my same boat.

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