Disney Cars birthday party

Tow Mater Cake

Disney Cars Birthday Party

 disney cars birthday party!
Disney Cars Birthday Party

Logen's Disney Cars Birthday Party.
I can't tell you how excited I am to show you this party! it is awesome. In this cars party, you will find lots of boys birthday party ideas as well as just blog birthday party ideas. This has sort of become a kids birthday party blog lately with the amount of party posts I have needed to create. Anyway, on this post you will find all of the homemade birthday party tutorials that will jazz up any race car party theme. We have a mater cake which I think tops the coolest birthday cakes ever. We also have some birthday party printables from this party. You can find those on the party kits page. 
Drive InWe borrowed a projector from a friend and set up the movie in the backyard. We used a white sheet for to play it on. It worked really well. You will need to have a laptop and speakers to set up as well.

birthday bbq

Cars Party Refreshments
my SIL vanessa helped created the lightning mcqueen on her cricut. their were lots of layers and little pieces to glue but it turned out amazing. the water bottle labels were simple and easy. the napkin rings as well. I just taped them around a napkin. we had a bbq with hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and chips. I  have the checkered printables available here for free.
Cars Party Signs
we created the radiator springs sign  and the movie time sign on the cricut. that was so easy and awesome. I used my SIL's but am now really wanting one for myself. the treat bags I showed earlier but I found those bags at target in the dollar section, I punched holes in the top and tied it off with ribbon. I put a garbage bag over the high chair to go a long with the decor and used duct tape on it to create roads just like I did on the
plastic table cloth.

mater cake

Mater Cakelogens cake idea I got from bakerella.com,  It was a bit tidious and I had to buy a package of white
m n m's and blue m n m's when I only needed 2 of each. I couldn't find the cookies that  bakerella used so I had to substitute with some chocolate round pretzel cookies I found. I had to substitute his nose as well with a chocolate candy. I used an edible black marker for the eyes. Maters eyes are actually green but blue worked out well. his teeth are gum (I would suggest taking that out before letting a 1 year old try to eat them, lol). The cake is actually 3 cupcakes put together and frosted.
I used crumbled oreos on the base and on him. I actually have him sitting on 5 small cake boards. I wrapped a ribbon around them just to give him a little stand so he looked taller and I simply frosted the top cardboard and put the oreo on that.

Tractor cupcakes

For the cupcakes, I made chocolate brownie cupcakes with a whipped cream frosting. I used a 8 oz. whipped cream, 1 cup milk, 1 vanilla pudding mix, 1 cup powdered sugar, and I melted chocolate chips and added them as well. I liked the frosting. It wasn't too sweet or heavy. I also made some
vanilla cupcakes with the same frosting. I crumbled oreos and put them on top a
long with some pearl sprinkles. I printed out a bunch of the tractor pictures online, and taped them a cake pop stick. 

gift box party tray 

Snack Tray

My husband was a trooper to wear this and hand out the popcorn and cotton candy to everyone before the movie. We watched Cars on a projector in the backyard. That was our big activity. Anyway, we simply used a gift box and my husband made the cones using a simple template. He then measured a hole to fit them and traced and cut them all out. We used scotch tape and red copy paper to make the cones. My husband cut a slit on both sides to hold the ribbon around his neck.

The race car favor bags
#1. I found these bags at target in the dollar section. I can't remember how many was in a pack but I want to say 6 or 8 for 1.00. If you can't find Cars paper bags, you could just use regular paper bags and attach a picture or graphic of lightning mcqueen, or even the birthday boy or girl. 
Cars Party Favors
#2. I found cheap dollar store finds for his party favors. simple and easy.
Cars Party Favor Bags
#3. I folded the bag and punched two holes in it and tied ribbon through. 
Cars Brown Bag
#4. sit and stare at them. easy! wa-lah! done!
Disney Cars Party Favor Bags

lightning mcqueen  INVITATIONS 

Cars Party InvitationsCars Party Invitation

1. for the invitation itself, I created it on picnik. I used some cars clipart and used a texture photo editing application. I also created a movie ticket for the show. Click here to get the cars free printables

2. for the envelopes, I used some old gold envelopes I had but I wanted it to look "textured" just like the invitations and so I took pieces of duct tape and would carefully tear the duck tap of off the envelopes to remove some of the gold paint. It made it speckled and full of fun. It took a while but I didn't have too many people on my guest list so it worked out. 

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