Monogrammed Fabric Wall Decor

We made this for Cruz's room and I love it. It is simple and sweet and a bonus!, incredibly easy to make. It also was inexpensive. This is a simple flour sack towel with some Curtain Grommets. You can purchase the the flour sack towels at Walmart or Target for about $1 each.

The Painted "C" was used with spray paint and a stencil. It was a bit of a windy day and that was the hardest part because I ruined my first flour sack towel when spraying against the wind so that is my biggest piece of wisdom: Dont be an idiot like me and spray on a windy day. I have done this before and have still not learned my lesson. Anyway, I ended up blowing some paint outside of the stencil because of the wind and had to start over. Once the wind stopped, it was simple.

I created the stencil myself but you could easily purchase one on I made my own by purchasing a poster board and then I hand drew the letter and cut it out with a utility knife. It might be even sturdier and better with a foam board if you want to use it more than one. The poster worked well but I did have to tape it down really well so the paint doesn't bleed.

IMPORTANT: I placed the stencil backwards because I wanted to give it a faded look and I realized that by painting backwards and then hanging it up on the other side that had not been painted on would create that look. You can still easily see the paint from the other side.