DIY Gray Wooden Shutters

I have had the yucky vinyl shutters on my house since we moved in. They are generic and boring and they well, they look as fake as they are. I have wanted some real wooden shutters for years but that project kept putting at the bottom of our long diy to do list. I am so happy to say that we have finally made the shutters and actually, we want to make for our other windows now too!

First, I researched. I read a billion a lot of tutorials from other bloggers that had made wooden shutters and eventually decided to go with the "How to Make Wood Shutters for your Home" by Petite Elefant. They have some great tips on how to make the shutters with ease and little cost. Please go to their tutorial for instructions on building them since we followed their tutorial pretty much exactly. I will say that our shutters are a few inches shorter than our window and we like it that way.

Now I want to talk about painting. I chose a simple gray color. I love gray as everyone knows. Choosing a shutter color was not easy because I have a beige color house and a light teal color door. I don't like being too "matchy matchy" so I didn't want to do the light teal but did want something that would match the home on the inside and outside. I am glad I went with my gut and did gray. It feels homey and matches the light fixtures since their are a silver-gray color so it works.

I chose Behr Exterior Paint & Primer and I used a roller to get it on. I also needed a small brush for touch ups to get in between the 3 slats of wood. I only did one coat and it looks great. You will need a primer! I love the paint and primer combo because it saves me time. You could also spray paint instead but you will want a primer to make sure it lasts. I have plans to lay down a paint called Never Wet to help with water protection on them soon so keep checking back for that. I will link it in this post once it's up.

happy painting & creating some curb appeal!

WHAT I LEARNED TIP:I realized it would have been a lot easier to paint if I would have not had space in between the slats of wood but at the same time, the wood pieces were not completely straight and if they were so close together without space I think you would have noticed that more. I would just think through those two points before choosing how to make your shutters.



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