Mint Green Products.

I am so excited to introduce a new regular contributor for House of Paint. I am a little bias because she is my sister, but she is also amazing and is going to be contributing to our color boards as well as in our holiday food category. I will let her introduce her first post and tell you about herself. 

Hi! My name is Emily Bennett. I am currently a brand new college student at Utah State University and trying to get a feel for this new life I am experiencing! Ever since I can remember, I have had a fascination with fashion and the latest “fads” the world has to offer. I also love to cook. Food is a form of expression for me, and well, who doesn’t enjoy eating a yummy creation?! I sure do. I am so excited to be a contributor for Our House of Paint and be able to provide some awesome ideas for you to use! Other than cooking and fashion, some other hobbies I enjoy include: watching movies, vacationing, singing, and spending time with my family. Now let's get to the post!

Mint Green

          To start off my color product posts, I thought I would use on of my recent favorite colors. Mint Green is so popular right now and the perfect color to invite spring into the year. The products that I will share with you will be perfect for children, mom's, and those out there who have a knack for home decor. 

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