Cruz's is 2! Mickey Birthday Party

Cruz turned 2 this last week. I can't believe it! We had a lot of fun putting our mickey ears on, dancing with a bunch of toddlers, and eating some yummy cupcakes at his party. Even though he is such a big guy, he will always be my baby.
I wanted to talk about the party in this post and the truth is, everything we did is so simple that their is no point in having a tutorial so I think I will just talk and explain a little instead. One thing I have learned about party planning (especially birthday party planning) is to keep it simple. The menu for example is typically the most expensive part of the party and if you simplify it down from instead of multiple side dishes to just one, you can not only save a lot of money but make it a lot easier to plan. For this party we went super simple and it was a huge success. We served turkey sandwiches on rolls, chips, mini water bottles, and grapes. Then we ate cupcakes. That's it. No multiple potato salads and jello and green salad in case people don't like that. Keep it simple. I also have found that doing multiple games with kids in the toddler and preschool age just doesn't work. Choose one to two activities and that's it. We chose to do a "make a mickey face" craft (which I hand cut and that by far took the most time) and then we had a dance party. It was pretty much as simple as it gets but super fun. It was a huge success.
Also glitter paper mickey ears and cut out paper mickeys to tape on the floor really tied the whole party together. I loved loved loved it. Check out the glitter paper mickey post and enjoy the pictures. Hot diggity dog!
Mickey party