Sports Organizing Bungee Cord Cubby System.

Ok so….We have boys and so when you have little boys, you have lots of sports balls. everywhere. they get them out multiple times a day, and usually have a favorite ball. We tried many systems to organize the balls. We bought large bins and threw them all in there but then the kids loved to dump the   whole thing out to get the one they wanted. They also had too much fun carrying the bin around with them and getting in the bin, and getting out of the bin. Perhaps I am picky or less patient these days, but I decided that their must be a better way. I had seen the bungee cord sports organizers everywhere on Pinterest. I felt like their must be a way to use that concept in my existing furniture because I don't really have room for more furniture. 

We have a cubby system in our living room. It's the back of our dining room nook and it doesn't get used a lot but we like having it there. It hit me that if I could take out the cubes for two of the shelves, that the balls would fit there. I then took out the cubes for the bottom shelf on the other corner cube shelving so that their would be room for the weird golf clubs, and baseball toys that we never know where to put.

Ok so you will need bungee cords. We got "24" inch bungee cords at Walmart. They came in a 2 pack and had a few color choices. We have a cube system with 13 inch cubes and so if yours is different, you might need different size bungee cords.

Next you will need to get rid of the cube shelving in the middles. This is simple. Take a hammer and hammer it out. It is the easiest solution as long as you don't care that it will get ruined and you will not be able to put it back. It came out pretty clean doing it this way.

Third step, You will need to drill holes into the cube system on the top and bottom. We used a 3/8 drill bit to drill the holes. This was pretty easy.

Next you want to just put the bungee cords into the holes and add the balls. This cube system should be attached to the wall so that the kids can't pull it on themselves.

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