Paper Glitter Mickey Ears

We had quite the hot diggity dog party this week for my son Cruz's birthday. He loves Mickey Mouse and so well, we put on our ears and danced. (p.s. nothing is cuter than 2 year olds having a dance party am I right?)
Today I am going to talk about our super easy paper glitter mickey ears. I read many tutorials on how to make mickey ears using a headband. The tutorials were pretty easy but a little time consuming. Many of them used felt for the ears with a foam piece in the middle and a few others used thick foam sheets.They are all great options but I had 20 toddlers to make them for and I also did not have very much time so I wanted something a little easier than the many options I was seeing. I even looked into just purchasing some cheap ones but the ones I found were really ugly and still pretty expensive. I eventually decided that glitter cardstock would be my best friend. I purchased 12x12 glitter cardstock sheets and traced mickey ears with a little lip after them that I could bend around the headband and hot glue to it. I do think if you are making them to last for years, I wouldn't choose paper. Ours have lasted though for over a week and my kids have not been gentle with them, In fact they have thrown them and stepped on them many times.
To make this, be sure to get:
Black headbands (found mine at dollar tree)
Black glitter cardstock
Scissors (if you don't already have them)
Hot Glue and a Hot Glue Gun (also, if you don't already have it)