Navy and Peach Spring Master Bedroom Inspiration

After many requests for some room design collages on the blog, I have decided to make this a regular thing for House of Paint and I am really excited but this is something I LOVE to do. I have made many of these for family members and friends when they have needed some assistance in designing their homes. Hopefully it will give you some inspiration when designing yours.

Today, I wanted to share this very spring and beautiful bedroom idea using:

  • Navy Blue
  • Steel Gray
  • Peach
  • Amber Gray 

Some tips I have if you are wanting to create something similar in your bedroom:
---As you can see, I chose 4 colors to go off of and if I were actually creating this room, I might even choose 5. A lot of people only choose two colors and it just doesn't ever feel "real" and "timeless". We use tons of shades of colors every day in our wardrobes, our make up, our house, our school and work projects...color matters.
--I really wanted the peach to stand out and so instead of using lots of peach, I used just a little bit in a few areas of the room. This is SUPER IMPORTANT and a common mistake. Think about those black and white photos with the little kids. They have a touch of pink color in their cheeks and a rose that is pink. The pink STANDS OUT. You notice it. It is not overwhelming, it is heart warming. A little goes a long way.
--My last suggestion would be that if you can't afford some of the pieces listed below, search thrift store, clearance aisles (I love target clearance aisles especially) for something similar. I rarely pay full price for anything and am a big believer in staying within your budget.

Happy Designing!
Navy and Peach Spring Master Bedroom Inspiration

Blue area rug

Gray bedding

NDI home decor

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