Week 3: How to Organize the Bookcases

Organizing the bookcase has not been easy. I have so many things and yet, I still want it to look clean and simple and so it's been a difficult task to get this job organized. Either way, it's done and I love it! I have a hyperlinked image at the bottom that you can click on to see more pictures and tidbits of advice but basically, I doodled on about a dozen papers thinking of the needs I have for things in the bookshelf versus other areas of my home. I narrowed it down to books, the printer, office supplies, and photo albums. I also wanted some storage for my vintage cameras and the camera equipment that I use. It took me a while to figure it out but I also focused on minimal and simplistic. That just works better for me and my family. If it's cluttered, things get lost, I get stressed, and well nothing gets found or used. I can't tell you how many pairs of scissors I have bought because they were lost or how many times the printer wasn't used because stuff was cluttered around it or I couldn't find the ink. I am so excited about this organized project and am glad that I am sticking to my new years resolution to organize my house. Keep checking out the blog this year for more easy organizing tips and projects. I have one I am doing each week. 

The Bookcases seem to store everything we don't know what to do with, or at least it did until I went through them this week. I am so excited! They are clean, organized, and their is a place for all of that to "stuff" now. Be sure to check out my new interactive image below .click on the pictures and dots to see where I have put everything and to give you some ideas for your bookshelf project.

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