The Ultimate Christmas Cookie Round Up

Who doesn't love a cookie? I have been thinking about desserts a lot lately (I know, It's a problem--I crave chocolate all day and it's only going to get worse during this holiday season) but anyhow, I think cookies are my favorite dessert of all time. I'm not a huge cake fan, and pies are good but I can get sick of them. Cookies on the other hand, I can art attach them by the dozen and still want more. I love different kinds of cookies, I love the chewy dough....yeah, I just love cookies.
Christmas automatically equals cookies. They just come whether you want them or not. They are dropped off for cookie exchanges, neighborhood gifts, family get togetherness.....etc. I thought I would look through a bunch of recipes and the find the simplest but best cookie round up. I think that these 9 cookies are perfect for any christmas gathering and any christmas craving. Take a look and than perhaps you have a favorite not on this list? Well, I would love to hear about it. Tell me in the comments

1. FOR THE SATISFIED and UNIQUE INGREDIENT MIXERS Cranberry pistachio by The girl who ate everything

2. FOR THE PRETTY and DECADENT BAKERS Christmas tree cookies by Italian Chips

3. FOR SANTA'S LITTLE HELPERS AND MOM MnM cake mix cookies by Parent Pretty

4. FOR THE CRUNCHY SWEET TOOTHERS Wreath cookies by Taste of Home

5. FOR THE MINT LOVERS Chocolate Mint Cookies at Offbeat and Inspired

6. FOR THE CRAFTY COOKIE BEGINNERS Candy Cane Cookies at The Baker Mama

7. FOR THE CLASSIC BELIEVERS Gingerbread Cookies from So Good and Tasty

8. FOR EASY CREATIVE MINDS Chocolate Melting Snowmen at BHG

9. FOR THE MESSY EATER Snowball cookies from giggles galore at poofy cheeks