The Top 10 Christmas Decorations You Don't Need

Alright so I am making a list on the Top 10 Decorations You Need and I decided it would be fun to also create a post with the 10 decorations you definitely do not need for Christmas. I am a minimalist. I believe in simple and classic design mixed with creative ideas. Their are some things that are so cool and original during Christmas but I also see things that at make me squirm and think to myself "why!? Nobody needs that!"

1. Tie Dye or Rainbow Christmas Trees found at Amazon. This should not have been made and should never be seen. I am all for fun and decorating around your personality but this is too much for anyone or anything. If you are obsessed and in love with tie dye, buy a small tie dye ornament or some colorful garlands but this is too much!

2. A Christmas Story Leg Lamp found at perpetual kid


3. Brace yourselves because I will probably lose a few fans after I say this but please understand, I dont judge anyone and love showing some christmas spirit but also never like these. You do not need Blow up Christmas Decorations, Especially the weird inappropriate ones like this one at Walmart

4. Plastic Wall Murals or Scene Decorations like this one at Walmart

5. Any Christmas Bathroom Decor. This was found on eBay by icydeals and beyond a small wreath and some peppermint hand soap, you do not need tons of holiday bath decor

6. Life Size Santa's of any kind like this one sold at Walmart. It's creepy not to mention confusing. If Santa is supposed to be on a sleigh or at a workshop, than why is he sitting in your living room.


7. Christmas Costumes like this one found at Oriental Trading. Costumes are for halloween, not pajamas on the other hands are for christmas. Beyond 1 ugly christmas sweater and a pair of optional elf slippers perhaps, you do not need any costumes. Unless you work at the North Pole in the mall, stay away!

8. Light up Window Decorations like this found at Walmart. I know that light up anything sounds fun but they just look cheesy and you could get the same classier effect with some twinkle lights plus they are difficult to store. You want to find things that are classy, fun, embrace you and your family and home but also are easy to store and you have room for through the year

9. Monogram and Personalized Everything! Like this kitchen christmas cutting board at Amazon. I love personalized stuff but you don't need separate cutting boards for christmas or any other holiday. How about get 1 nice cutting board that is maybe monogrammed and use it for all of he the holidays instead? Choose 1 or 2 monogrammed christmas things, but believe me that's all you need! If you personalize everything, people visiting might think you are worried about your stuff getting stolen and so now you are just labeling everything. Less is more.

10. Inappropriate Potty Humor Decor like this toilet mug by Big Mouth Toys at Amazon. Christmas is not the time or place. I know that many of you might find it a little funny but is it really worth spending money on? I figure the people who buys tons of this stuff are probably not reading my blog much since you find any of that here.