Kids DIY Farmers Market Grocery Cart

diy kitchen cart
Alright so Christmas gifts are on getting made at the jenkins's toy workshop. I am so excited that Santa has asked me to help him these last few years in making gifts for our kids because as stressful as it is, and believe me- it can be very stressful, it also is super rewarding and I love their smiles on christmas morning when they see what we have made. These gifts last so much longer and mean so much more.
This year we are pulling out the kids play food, groceries, market idea because our kids love to play with fake food and pretend play kitchen. I have started with posting our kids farmers market grocery cart but you can expect a few more related gifts coming very soon. Their also will possibly be an update to this cart so keep checking back.
diy wooden crate grocery cart
Before I get started, I want to share that I made another grocery cart that I was not thrilled about but have written about it here if you want to read and get more ideas.
diy wooden crate on wheels toy
wooden crate toy
To make this you will need:
  • Wooden crate (available at joanns craft store for $12 but it is half off with a coupon you can buy online)
  • Small chalkboard sign (also available at joanns craft store for $2 but I have seen it at the dollar tree as well)
  • Caster wheels (available at homedepot and walmart. I got a set of 4 for $5)
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun or wood glue
  • Screws and
  • Rope for pulling (I will be attempting a handle for the wooden cart in the next week instead of the rope so if you would rather do that, wait for that to be updated in this same post)
1. Drill the casters to the bottom of the crate using the
2. Write "farmers market" in chalk sign and hot glue to side of crate or use wood glue to attach. Allow plenty of time to dry if using wood glue.
3. Attach rope to the handle for pulling
4. I added a pillow in the bottom to hold the food but that is completely optional. Enjoy!
homemade farmers market toy
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