Winter Weather Cleaning Thoughts by North American Property Services

This post brought to you by North American Property Services. All opinions are 100% mine.


I have been sick all week, yuck! I hate being sick. Anyway, I am sitting at home in my bed with kleenex, and my netflix channel while writing this post hoping and praying to feel better by monday because I have a busy week. That's why I was so willing and excited to share some great tips sponsored by North American Property Services today.

North American Property Services is one of the top janitorial services in the United States. When reading up on them a bit, I learned that they service everything from commercial office spaces, healthcare facilities, education institutions, government and public entities, and well pretty much everywhere that their are a lot of germs and diseases spread so they are definitely qualified to give us some ideas for cleaning our house this winter so we can avoid getting sick all of the time. 

North American Property Services 10 Tips for Cleaning the House this Winter

1. Be extra careful about hand washing with soap so you don't spread germs from room to room

2. Routinely disinfect high touch areas such as door handles, TV remotes, and keyboards for all devices, such as tablets and laptops. 

3. Dust carries germs and grime so wiping down with disinfecting solutions will not only make your house cleaner, but it will remove germs that can cause the common cold and flues. Look for places that dust settles, such as fan blades, window legs, and walls to wipe away germs. Don't forget to clean your light bulbs which has the added benefit of brightening the house on these short winter days. Another thing to clean is the dust balls under furniture and in the corner of floors. 

4. Dust more often as you heating system circulates dust, dirt, and germs.

5. Keep mops handy to dry-mop floors regularly, especially around high-traffic areas of the house.

6. On warmer days, clean interior windows, another germ collector in the house.

7. Deep clean your carpets every year to to eliminate grime and germs. A good time of year to to do this is after the holidays so any spills from your holiday celelbrations will be washed away.

8. Scrub the grout in your bathroom wiht a powerful disinfectant to remove germs that spread between family members. 

9.Take your shoes off at the door. Think about all the places you walk and the germs that hitch hike into your home. Taking your shoes off will greatly reduce indoor pollutants.

10. The best winter floor care program is the continue to clean and maintain floor surfaces with extra mopping and scrubbing around the entryways. 

Alright, so I was making a list of the many of the things I haven't done this year to protect my house for winter (and believe me their are  lots). I especially hate dusting so hopefully my kids can help me with that but their is honestly no worse thing than being sick during the holidays. It is such a drag for everyone in the family and can take away that holiday fun and replace it with so much stress. I am so grateful to North American Property Services for sharing their ideas and giving us some tips. I also am grateful to them for sponsoring this post because it allows me to keep writing to my many creative readers. 

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