Christmas Clothespin Wreath

Clothespin Wreath for Christmas Photos

This was such a fun gift for family and friends lat year. It didn't take very long to make and turned out pretty cute. The hardest part was being able to paint the clothespins green. It was hard getting a good coat of again to them and in the end, they were not perfect but were still cute anyways.
You will need:
a wire coat hanger
red pony beads
green spray paint
red ribbon
hot glue and hot glue gun
1. Paint the clothespins with the green spray paint. I clipped them onto the edges of a coward board box. This strategy seemed to work best but as I said earlier, they are not perfect and it took a few coats to get them good enough for me. You could try to do a very light layer of paint so it looks more like a stain or tint and that might work better.
2. Undo the wire hanger and using pliers twist and turn the hanger into a circle. You will want the hanger to overlap
3. begin stringing the red pony beads onto the wire hanger. You want to alternate clipping a clothespin after all the pony beads are on. After it looks how you want it, you will hot glue the edges of the hanger together and you will also hot glue the how to the hanger. The ribbon that is tied behind it is not connected to the how. That is tied on the wire hanger but it is separate from the bow.