Skeleton Chalkboard Fridge

This might be just another selling point to painting your white ugly fridge with chalk like I did this last year. It has provided cheap holiday decor ideas using stencils and just free hand drawing. I pulled up a picture of a skeleton on my iPad and freehand drew our fun skeleton using white chalk and a wipe to erase things I didn't like. I am no amazing artist or anything. if you just take your time and wipe your mistakes, you can create this too or many other spooky designs. you also could use a stencil or trace silhouettes you print off your computer. I should have a new fridge picture posted each holiday to show off what fun it can be to have a chalkboard fridge. I should mention you could also just paint a wall with chalkboard and do the same thing for the holidays. I used my finger to blend the chalk (by using your finger to blend the chalk it takes away groovy texture from the walls or in this case, a fridge). Have a happy halloween!