No more boring lunches! Make it Your Michelina's

This post brought to you by Michelina's. All opinions are 100% mine.

As many moms can probably relate to, I have been feeling like I want to throw a tantrum screaming, "No more mac n cheese and chicken nugget kids meals!" Don't get me wrong, I like them sometimes but I've tried adding variety to lunches including frozen meals but they get boring so fast and in the end, I go back to the safe and boring kid options. 

Well, I am really excited to talk about Michelina's Lean Gourmet® Meals and more importantly Make It Your Michelina’s. First of all, these are the best frozen meals I have ever had and they are also inexpensive. I can last much longer eating these everyday before getting bored or broke however, I'm going to talk about some ways to spice up these and make a real masterpiece out of your michelina's. 

At the Gunny Sack, they created an easy and delicious Chipotle Chicken and Rice Burrito out of Michelina's Chipotle Chicken and Rice meal. It looks so yummy and good. 

My next favorite would have to be the Fresh Penne Pasta recipe that Honey Bear Lane created.  Wowza does that look delicious and so easy too! All you have to really add are some tomatoes, cheese, and bacon. 

Michelina's have created a bunch of ideas as well including Lettuce Wraps and Franks 'n' Cheese. All from an affordable frozen meal. 

Ideas to Make It Your Michelina’s

This has got me brainstorming on what I should create. Their are so many options and ideas. I decided to make a list of all of the things you could add into any of the amazing michelina's meals. 

1. For any of Michelina's macaroni and cheese meals, you could add some: 

  1. ricotta cheese
  2. fresh parmesan 
  3. bacon bits

2. For any of Michelina's rice dishes, you could try:

  1. corn tortillas (fajitas?)
  2. lime
  3. sour cream

3. For any of Michelina's other pasta dishes, how about:

  1. fresh or frozen veggies mixed in
  2. a pie crust and fill it with the pasta and some frozen veggies for a chicken pot pasta pie
  3. perhaps create a french bread sandwich (my family loves macaroni sandwiches, I know-WEIRD, but it's actually pretty good on some really toasted bread)

So the next time you feel bored, think out of the box and Make It Your Michelina’s. Also! Remember to Follow Michelina's on Facebook and Follow Michelina’s on Twitter for deals, ideas, and recipes. 

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