DIY Outdoor Halloween Eyeballs

Their are eyes everywhere this Halloween! Well at least at my house. This project has been on my mind since last year. I has seen a few similar ideas with balloons but I wanted something more permanent and so I went looking. I never found what I wanted last halloween but when I was at d.i. Thrift store, I finally found what I was looking for--plastic ball pit balls. Now mind you, they are not easy to paint and are even now, no where close to perfect but this project cost only a few dollars and will hopefully last a few years.

What you will need to make the outdoor halloween eyeballs

  • Plastic ball pit balls
  • White spray paint
  • Black paint and a small brush
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Clear fishing wire
How to make the outdoor scary eyes:

  1. Hot glue the balls together. This will make it easier so they don't roll when you paint. I learned this the hard way because I tried to paint them without glueing them first and they were rolling and moving everywhere. Anyway, plug in the hot glue gun and let it heat up and then put a good dollop on the side and and stick them together, I would hold them for 20 seconds and then set them on wax paper until they were done cooling.
  2. Paint the eyeballs. This is the hardest part by far because painting something round is never easy. You will paint one side and let them dry and then paint the other side. Trust me, that if you are a perfectionist, you probably will not love this craft because while it is kid friendly and fun and you can't really see any of the imperfections unless you get close, it is near impossible to get the paint smooth and even. Since I am not a perfectionist, and also I feel like this is a great project for kids and fun, I love them. You really can't see any problems or blemishes unless you get close up.
  3. The black eyes. I "eye balled" it (haha get it?) when I painted the black dots for the eyes. I tried to do 2 medium circles right in the middle using a small brush.
  4. Hang in the middle of the two eyeballs where they have been glued together with clear fishing thread. You can also use clear beading string which is commonly found in craft stores. You want it to be clear so no one can see it from the street.