DIY chalkboard fridge

So it has been a long long time since I created this project. I have just been so busy that I haven't gotten it posted until now. Either way, it worked out well because I can say that our chalkboard fridge is a keeper and we still like it even after 9 months of having it. I will show you a picture or two however of some chipping on the door handle.
What you will need:
  • Chalk paint (found at Walmart, home improvement stores, etc. the brand is rustoleum)
  • Rag
  • Paint roller and tray
  • Drop cloth
  • Touch up small brush
How to create this project:

Ok so creating this is not hard but it does take time. You will need at least two coats. Chalk paint never looks good the first coat, be aware so you don't freak out. Once you get that second coat on, you will be much happier. Follow the instructions as to how to paint but then be sure to lay down a drop cloth before you get started so you don't deal with messes. Also you may need to pull the fridge out away from cabinets. Don't over stress it but you obviously don't want paint on the floor or cabinets so be careful. I keep a wet and dry rag with me whenever I paint to wipe any mess that happens right away before it dries and so you don't have any problems. Because a fridge has a lot of weird spaces and crevices, it will be hard to paint and so you will need to be casual and low key about the results of the project. Don't get me wrong, it will look awesome but their will be places here and there on the inside of the fridge and such that wont be completely perfect and covered. Also the handle has started to peel a little. if you already have a black fridge, you could just not paint the handle but with a white fridge, it will peel a little over time. Take your time, and enjoy the process. I have no regrets and am glad i painted it. Also my last tip is, after your coats of paint have dried for at least 24 hours, rub chalk all over the fridge and then wipe it off with a dry rag. This will help to protect the chalkboard and also give it that worn and old time look. Enjoy!


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