Light Teal Front Door and Choosing paint colors

How to choose a paint color for the front door

Choosing a paint color for the front door can be tricky. You want something that will blend well with the rest of your house and will also pop a little. We all know that neighbor who painted their door this bright green or purple expecting it turn out just like that picture from the magazine only to find it to be the eye sore of the entire neighborhood. you can see it from a mile away and wish you couldnt see it at all. Well, the reason it didn't turn out like the picture from the magazine could be due to a few things.

1. I think this is the most common mistake, matching colors with your siding, brick color, stucco, etc. is hard and some people don't think about it all. They just figure if it looks good on one house, it will look good on all. That's definitely not the case. Their are many door colors I love, but I know their are very few of those that will look good with my siding. Be sure to get paint samples, and bring them home. Study which one you like best. Also remember the inside of your house if you are painting both sides of the door.

2. It doesn't fit your personality or the houses'. If you have decorated with a very vintage vibe but then you choose a very modern bright green, it will be hard to make that work...not impossible, but much harder where as if you had chosen a vintage mustard yellow, teal, or farm house red, it may have gone really well with those other outdoor decorations you have.

3. Choose a color you won't get sick or better yet, realize if you choose a trendy color, you may end up repainting it down the road because it will be out of style. I think choosing something you can't see yourself hating one day is the way to go but sometimes your tastes change, and that's ok. Just paint it again but be prepared to have that color on your door for every holiday, event, and season. If you can picture it, than you are probably good to go.
Safe Choices:
Some of you just want some safe choices so you feel better about which color to pick. Here would e my picks and suggestions on that:
Beige, cream, and tan (my house): teals, navy blue, dark midnight blue
White: almost anything, focus more on the decorating and personality to decide. Reds, and yellows look great typically but you also might be able to do something more modern.
Grays: bright colors look great on gray houses. You might try a bright modern green, mustard yellow, or bright cobalt blue
Red Brick: navy blues, farm house red, mustard yellows
Brown stucco: teals, blues, light tan (similar colors to the tan, cream colors) but a tad more vibrant.

Light teal door

Ok so here is to my door color choice. I wanted a teal. I thought about it a lot and just decided, yes, this is the color. I went with a pretty light color. I kept going back and forth. I like it but am still not 100% sure I should have gone with the lighter. I think I would have liked the dark too. Either way, it's done for now and I like it a lot. I will tell you that I painted the door without taking the hinges off. we just taped around them. I had to do 2 coats. I used a behr exterior latex paint, i hate oil takes too long to dry. Also i didnt even tape the window. i just scraped the paint off after, that worked better than trying to tape the curves on the window. Here are the pictures: