Paver Stone Backyard Porch on Grass

Simple and Affordable Summer Backyard Makeover, Paver Stone Backyard Porch

We love having a backyard. Both of my boys love to play, run and still have some privacy. The bad part is that backyard makeovers can be pricey. We have put it off every year because we know what we want to do, we just don't have the moulah yet to pull it off. To give you a few examples, ill tell you what we'd like to do. We want a deck, a big deck and we want it built with nice materials so it lasts a really long time. We probably want a trex deck. Also, we want a few trees, a trampoline, and a patio area to have a potted garden and some seating. Alright so....yeah, if you add up all of that or even parts of that, it's very expensive. We finally decided last year to start on the backyard. We decided to add the patio portion of our yard.
Patios can be inexpensive depending on what of materials you use. Ours is about 10x10 feet. We used paver stones. They run about $1.12 per stone. When we decided how to create it, we looked up a bunch of ideas and opinions. We wanted something pretty easy but we were nervous about if our ideas would last. Also we knew we would have to move the sprinkler system around so we wanted to be sure we were ready for this kind of project.
We made a choice. We chose to just lay pavers over the grass in the area we wanted them. We measured the space and then just laid them down one by one. We live in a pretty flat space so we had seen a few other tutorials and we thought it might work for our yard. It's not perfectly level but all in all, we love it. It took about a week for them to settle into the grass completely. After that we mowed the grass and then we began to spraying weed and grass killer in the cracks so the grass died and stopped growing. We did tear out the grass around the edge of the fence by the patio and layed rocks around that border. One big tip is to be sure to lay a liner underneath the soil if you are laying down the rocks to be sure that no weeds come up. It's much easier in the patio area to spray the weed and grass killer when you see some. It's harder under the rocks so be sure to lay down a liner there. I found the table at a thrift store and the chairs at Home Depot last year on clearance. We still have a long way to go, but I am happy with the patio portion. The only other thing I want for the patio ports for now is ivy around the fence. I still need to work on that.
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