Free website gift for dads on Father's Day!

Creating a free website for dad.
Alright people, I came up with this idea for Father's Day last year and it was a big success. Jared (the daddy and husband at our house) loved it and it was so meaningful, the best part....IT WAS FREE!
It took a little time but it was not hard and anybody can do it. What you want to do is create an account on (where I did it) or any other easy website creator like joomla, just find one that is free. You could also do something similar on a blog format like Wordpress, tumblr, or blogger (like we have). Then, create a free website and design with pictures and links of dad for him to see. I created it to so that when he clicked on the image, it would go to the next page. To do that on weebly, you simply click on the image and then click on the link icon and then add the website URL for the next page. Do it in the right order so it leaded you where you want it.
We have since taken the website down. It was really just for Father's Day but I did take some screenshots to see how we did it. You could also do basically the same thing as a DVD, slideshow, or power point presentation. It was just kind of fun and easy as a website,
On weebly, you can add pictures, videos, music, etc. you can also use many of their templates so it couldn't e simpler. If you have any questions feel free to email me at and I will try to answer them for you.
This could be a great Father's Day gift this year!