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so Allstate Good Life has brought me some inspiration to share a little about Good Hands for the Good Idea. These past 6 months have been hard on me and my family. We have a few personal and family struggles to deal with and at times it has taken an emotional toll on us.  My husband was laid off from his job, and while we were given enough severence to be "okay", it has been difficult to find the job and know the right answers for our family. I like to control things as the mom in this home and not being able to control where we might have to live, what we might have to do to make ends meet, and where our lives might lead us has not always been easy however, I was motivated to write about how my life has become better and stronger because of the trials I have gone through.
I don't talk a lot about the "deep stuff" in my life here. This blog is my outlet for parties, holiday plans, diy projects, and well..."light" happiness but I think it's time to write a little more deeper from my soul today.
1. I AM BLESSED!! Being laid off has been a blessing. It has taught us that what really matters is each other and our family and memories. We rely so much on each other now and we talk so much more than we ever did. It hasn't been easy but we trust that we will find answers and that this is just part of our journey.
2. FREEDOM. We have discovered these last six months how important organization is in our lives and also how what happens on the outside and in our homes, does affect us on the inside. Part of what started this process of organization, was my son being diagnosed with an autistic disorder. I know I have briefly talked about it on my blog before but he relies heavily on a schedule and in order for me to give that to him, I needed to change the things that were cluttered in my mind and my home. I began to work towards a system that worked for me and him and our family so that we could create a peace of mind for everybody. We also knew we might need to sell our home and we have listed it while we are waiting to figure out what we will be doing next. That forced us to dig deep and get rid of those things we thought we'd always use but never did, or those ceramic bowls you got for your wedding and secretly hate. I got rid of clothes I loved but never wore and so they sat in my closet, I got rid of toys that we just didn't have room for. Pictures were organized and some were even thrown away (like those ones you took of your leg on accident and then still got developed...I mean who wants to see that? lol).  We sorted out our life and discovered this amazing thing...WE ARE HAPPY WITHOUT STUFF and we feel so much more free and meaningful.
3. WE ARE IN GOOD HANDS. We have had so much help and love from family members, friends, and neighbors. They have reached out to us and just genuinely asked us how we were doing, or offered to babysit for free. We have had family members who have sent us job postings, and kept us in their prayers. We feel so blessed to be in good hands.
Now I want to hear your story too! Do you have a story you could share about how something that was hard made you stronger or a better person? do you have something special with optimism and celebration you want to share? perhaps a good dead? I want to hear, be sure to tell me in the comments so we can spread optimism and be a part of Allstate Good Life.

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