Painting with Old Socks tip

You probably saw this picture, and thought "what is she doing? Is this a puppet show?", well no I promise Their will not be a puppet show but this is a tip I got from a rehab addict episode and I have used it ever since on lots of projects. When you are applying a stain, white washing, or washing down walls even with a cleaner, use an old sock rather than a brush or roller. It works out a lot better and their are no streaks. It's also easier. You will need a rubber/plastic glove like the medical ones to put underneath the sock so it doesnt get on your fingers. You can get a big box in the pharmacy area. You will also discard the sock after because the paint or stain won't come out in the wash so pick one you don't care about getting rid of, perhaps from that lock sock pile in the laundry room.