Mini Makeover for Unfinished Laundry and Craft

Alright so ideally, I would love to have my basement finished. It is planned for the near future but in the last year, the laundry room has been OUT OF CONTROL. I'm talking piles and piles of laundry that never end. Clothes that haven't made it upstairs for months and months because they would get stuck at the bottom of the pile. It was a mess. What also was a disaster mess was my craft stuff. It was starting to look like an episode on hoarders. This makeover was more of a cleaning, and organizing makeover than anything else but I am sure glad it's finally clean and organized. I am still working on the last finishing touches but it feels good to have a neat space where I know where everything is. In the future, I am hoping to make it even more amazing and useful when the walls and floors are done, but for now I am pretty happy.
The laundry room sign was painted with craft paint onto concrete. I free handed the letters but had a picture of kind of what I wanted it to look like and I worked from there. Start with pencil, their was lots of washing off the pencil. (I used a rag and water because it worked better than an eraser). From there, I traced the letters with marker, yes permanent marker. I then painted it a nice teal color. I added a little water to the paint so it's kind of like white washing or teal washing because then I could paint over the letters and they would still show up. It was just easier. I painted the letters white and then traced around them again with the sharpie to make them stand out more and yeah...that's it. It was a lot of fun and took less than an hour for me to finish.
My DIY craft table is now clear and ready for more work. I have drawers organized with some of my paper, mostly my photo transfer papers, laminating sheets, photo paper, and paper scraps as well. I also have stickers and stencils in the drawers. I hung up some of my fun decor that I have yet to put up anywhere but still love. It makes it a little more creative space I think. Oh also, the box below is my misc. craft stuff. I have bits of fabric and weird cardboard things I have plan to use. It's just the recyclable junk I hope to turn to treasure.
I stole logen's old table from his room and stacked laundry baskets on it to save space. This cost me nothing since I already had it and it wasn't much use upstairs. This will hopefully make it easier to keep the laundry piles organized and off the floor.
The craft shelf was something I also had upstairs. It had been organizing some stuff in a closet but we realized, we didn't need it there and it would be great use to us downstairs. I painted it a Martha Stewart turquoise. I first purged a ton of craft junk that had never been used. I used some of logen's Lego boxes to store things and labeled all the boxes. I also have a bucket you can get at home depot with some tools and craft stuff that can be portable and easy to take with me. I spent nothing on organizing this.
Jared added plywood boards to create shelfs for my scrapbook paper. I don't have tons because I am not a scrapbooker. I mainly use this scrapbook paper for birthday parties, making fun labels around my house, etc. I do have a lot of scrap paper in the rolling cart. I also have the shelf below with paint, rollers, brushes, drop cloths, etc. so everything is close and easy to find.