Finding Fourth of July Traditions.

Fourth of July Traditions.

the new, the old, and the ever changing.

I love the fourth of july. This holiday holds some really fun traditions for me and my family. We walk around silver lake and go to breakfast every year. We then hang out until we watch a big fireworks show at night. I make muddy buddies every year (for those who have never tried them: you need to! they are oh so good and easy to make). Click on the picture to go to a pinterest link where you can find the recipe. We also always have watermelon. My dad is the expert watermelon picker.

Their are also some new traditions that have been added over the years and some things that come and go through fourth of july's. We started taking a picture each year of everyone at silver lake. We've only done this the last three or four years but it's become one of my favorite moments to capture on the fourth of july. We sometimes have KFC chicken but this year, we will be having a barbeque with cheeseburgers. We used to go to a brighton breakfast which is near silver lake every morning but they stopped doing it the same way that they did and so we've moved it to just going to breakfast somewhere. Last, we used to go to midway for the fourth of july when I was a kid. We would stay at my cabin in midway, utah. The cabin was sold when I was twelve or thirteen and so this tradition stopped. However this year, we've started it again and will be up in midway, utah again. We've rented a home for our family and extended family to stay so it will be just like old times. I have a feeling this tradition will likely stay for many years now since we've enjoyed it so much.

I thought I would showcase my family traditions in case many of you are looking for some new traditions to add for your family. here are some of the things I especially love on the fourth of july:

  1. muddy buddies
  2. silver lake
  3. midway, Utah
  4. watermelon
  5. sugarhouse park
  6. family!

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