Carving Cute Watermelon

I have been seeing cute watermelon ideas all over pinterest. It's perfect for summer, and they are all amazing. We always think about carving pumpkins for halloween but watermelon? this is so unique, creative, and fun. It's a perfect summer activitiy. You could even have a contest for a party or get together on who can carve the best watermelon. It's tasty too!

I am going to try to carve out a watermelon and make a melon punch to put back in it for the fourth of july. I have been looking up recipes and ways to make it work so we'll see if it works. I will definitely have pictures to post soon but I have been thinking about watermelon crafts because of that and that is how I came across all of these great carved watermelon ideas.

here are some of the ones I have found:

I guess this summer you will have to think about giving watermelon carving a try. It could be really fun and a great activity for families, or a fun party game. Their are so many designs you can create and its' the most creative party dish for summer, that's definitely true!