First Birthday Boy Themes

First Birthday Boy Themes.

When choosing my son's first birthday theme, it was pretty easy. He had fallen in love with cars at like four months. He just loved the music and would always calm down when we played it and so it seemed like common sense to a do a disney cars birthday party.
While it's still a long while until Cruz's first birthday (he's only four months), I was thinking about first birthday themes today and just love looking at all of the great and creative choices. I actually think their are more creative boy first birthday themes than girls. Ussually that is not the case. I almost always find more girl clothes, girl accessories, girl toys, and girl activities than I ever do for boys but as far as 1st birthday themes, I think boy birthdays are cuter.
here are some of my favorite birthday boy 1st birthday themes.

Cheerios First Birthday Party

This is such an adorable theme idea for a first birthday party. You should check out the party by clicking on the image. This party was truly adorable and well put together. They had paper bag favors, lots of cute photos around, a cheerio pinata, and cheerio chandelier decorations. All of the ideas were truly adorable. Created by Emily Abril.

The Very Hungry Catepillar Party

I love theming a first birthday after an adorable childrens book. It's perfect and really cute for little kids, especially little boys. Click on the image to view this party details. This party was created by pottery barn kids. I love the caterpillar paper lanterns, caterpillar cake pops, and the adorable apple cake. It also talks about how to create the fun bibs for the little ones are wearing the photo. Found at Kara's party ideas

Superman First Birthday Party

Who doesn't love a baby superhero right!? for a first birthday, you could go with a super man theme like this party did. Click on the image to view this party and see their very creative soda pop covers, really cute super hero signs every where, retro comic book invitations, and the fantastic cake! Featured by onto baby

Western Cowboy First Birthday Party Theme

Such a classic party theme for a baby boy. Going with a western theme, you can embrace bandanas, sherrif badges, and horses. It's such a fun idea and can really be made simple. This party is so cute. Click on the image to view it. You will see cowboy cookie favors, cowboy grub place settings, adorable red and turqoise picture frames, and party details, smores, chocolate milk, and a tractor ride. By marigold mom

Newspaper Boy First Birthday Party

This is a super creative theme. A newspaper paper boy theme. I love EVERYTHING from the invitation to the very creative outfit he is wearing. Click on the image to view simple paper lanterns, and white and blue details a long with hamburgers, fries, and a newspaper party hat. They also served drinks in glass jars which I LOVE. Found at project nursery

Vintage Winnie the Pooh First Birthday Party

This is absolutely charming. I love how it is set in the woods. The colors are darling as well. Who doesn't love winnie the pooh right?! it's the perfect character party for a 1st birthday. This Winnie the Pooh party is very vintage and they served hunny comb cereal, hunny butterscotch popcorn, and adorable pooh bear cupcakes. Found at Amy's party ideas

Airplane First Birthday Party

This is so cute! I love the color choices too. Take a look at that cake! This party has a lot of great things like an adorable backdrop behind the table, cloud chocolate pops, a grass tabletop (which I love!), and a fun scavenger hunt. This birthday was especially great for adults and little ones. It seemed to entertain both well. Found at baby lifestyles, made by polka dot print studios.

Snips, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails 1st Birthday Party!

a very unique and awesome party theme. Perfect if you are looking for something different with pizazz. It is a pretty perfect boys theme since it's what little boys are made of. This party has frog cake pops, gummy snails, and candy puppy dog tails. They also had the egg and spoon game and a fun little tent to play on. Click on the image to see the party. Found at baby lifestyles, created by lovely like you.

Farm First Birthday Party

A farm theme is a bright colored and fun adventure for any little guy and it can be so fun with some barn yard music, and farm yard cake. Click on this party and take a look what they have done. You will see adorable candy bar wrappers, fun games like ducks in water game, and they also rented a pony! fun! Featured by hostess with the Mostess. Created by Kara Allen.

Owl and Nature 1st Birthday Party

Owls are super trendy right now but they still feel authentic and sweet so they fit perfectly for a first birthday party. This party was set in nature and has a very eco feel. Click on the image to view cake pops, owl chocolate suckers, lots of adorable owl decorations nestled around the party, a cute brown and natural pennant banner, a photo booth, and some mushroom accents. Found at my sweet and spicy.

Anyway, these are just a few ideas but hopefully they have given you some inspiration. I really found these my favorite out of the ones I looked at. You can always make a party out any of these themes in your budget. Some of these are out of my budget for sure and I just did less of the ideas and only chose the most important ones to me. I also don't typically have tons of guests so that can lower your costs as well if you keep it a little smaller.
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