Handmade Boat Races

Lets talk boat races. I remember as a little girl, my cousins and I would go on a scavenger hunt and we would gather everything we could find which ussually was a few sticks, some leaves, and sometimes a cup or something and we could create these little tiny boats and race them down this little stream by our cabin. We would run and follow to see which one would win. I love those memories of racing our boats. I don't remember who won, I just remember having fun with my cousins.

We are off to spend some time in Midway, Utah. Have any of you been there!? if you haven't, I would definitely recommend it. It's one of my favorite places. My extended family used to own a cabin up there and would play cards, sail mini nature boats, and just spend time as family. We don't have the cabin anymore but we are renting a house up there and staying again for a few weeks like old times.

In honor of that, I am trying to find ideas for a boat race on the stream in midway. Here are some of the cutest ideas that I found.