a cookie monster birthday party.

Cookies and milk party

I am so excited to be talking about this party. I had been planning it for months and so to see it finished and in pictures feels pretty awesome. My little guy loved it just as I had hoped. We chose to have a cookies and milk party with a vintage cookie monster theme. It was a very handmade crafty party and we kept it pretty simple. Our guest list consisted of extended family and most of them were much older than Logen so we wanted it to be very casual and suited for a broad group of people. In this cookies and milk birthday party post, you will find: cookie recipes and a cookie buffet, a cookie monster printable, a cookie monster pinata and directions on how to make a paper mache pinata; you also will find cookie dough favors, a cookie guessing game, and some pretty crazy cookie monster cupcakes. I also have a few cheat tips here and there to help those who want to throw a great party without spending a lot of time and money. Be sure to click on the links and visit the dragons fairy tail blog If you are interested in reading about my planning process during this party, or about cookie monster music. Enjoy!

you can download the cookie monster party kit with free printables here.

games and activities

The games and activities we chose for our party were incredibly simple. I really wanted to keep the focus on everyone socializing so we didn't have an itinerary with lots of games but we did do some fun activities a long the way. I've learned that party games really have to be planned based on the age of your guests.

Write a Birthday Note For Logen
this is fun, everyone can write a note for him in his little cookie monster notepad (which I found at target) and then we can keep it for him when he's older. A lot of people said hi to him, and drew pictures, etc.

2 year olds love to color so this was easy. I just covered a table with a paper table cloth and laid down some blue, black, and brown crayons to go a long with our color theme. Then everyone just doodled on it, and you could also keep that for your little one is his memory box. We also left bubbles on the table because that's one of my son's favorite things.

Guess How many Cookies are in the Jar?
This was way fun. We filled a jar with cookie crisp cereal and had all of our guests make a guess on how many cookies are in the jar? Then the winner got a prize (which was a jar of cookies). This game is fun for most age groups and it's always a hit. I should warn you though that it takes a while to count all of them. We did it the night before. (in the jar their were 1180 cookies)

Cookie Monster Pinata
Our handmade pinata was fun. We filled it with cookies and let everyone have a turn. It broke pretty early on, I think I stuffed too many prepackaged cookies in it but it was a fun activity for everyone and definitely great for young and older audiences because even if they are "too cool" for a pinata, it somehow always brings a laugh and gets other's involved.

Cookie Monster pinata

To make a cookie monster pinata, you will need to get messy. Pinatas are very easy to make and very inexpensive but they also are MESSY.

how to make a paper mache pinata

We made the pinata by covering a balloon with newspaper strips that were dipped in equal parts water and flour. This is a process called paper mache. Cover the balloon with three to four layers of newspaper strips and then hang to dry. Once it is dry, you can pop the balloon and it should be stiff. I then covered the pinata with blue tissue paper squares. I glued them with craft white glue. It worked great. Once it was covered, I attached one of my paper invitation faces of cookie monster to the pinata. I had to hot glue this to ensure it would stay put. I duct taped the top of the pinata after filling it with candy where the hole had been from the top of the balloon and then covered the rest of it with blue tissue paper. My husband created two holes at the top to hold a wire hanger that was threaded through. You can see this from the picture of the pinata below. We used rope to hold the pinata up from the hanger. any other questions about how to make a paper mache pinata, contact me here.

Cookie buffet

The cookie buffet was easy to put together and really really cute. It's a great idea for those who don't want to provide a huge meal for your guests. We served ours from 2-4 in the afternoon and it worked great. The cookies we chose were: blue sugar cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, snicker doodle cookies, and cookies and cream cookies. All of the recipes were delicious. The cookies and cream recipe was found on.... and the chocolate chip cookie recipe was found....The other recipes were used with mixes. For the blue sugar cookies, I simply used a sugar cookie mix and then added lots of blue food coloring. They were really yummy and fun to look at. I bought the jars at Ikea. I didn't buy them for this party, I had them in m y kitchen and just used them for this. They have been great for so many parties actually. I bought the serving tongs at the dollar tree. They sold 4 mini tongs for $1.00 or 2 large tongs for $1.00. The labels I made with my cricut machine. Their will be a similar printable available though in our cookie monster party kit. It will be available in the next month so be sure to check back on our party kits page often if you are interested. This is a must have for a milk and cookies party.

cookie dough favors

The cookie dough favors are so cute! I am very proud of my work on them. We made cookie dough and placed it in canning jars. We frozen them. I placed on sticker labels that I had printed out with the information on how to make the cookies. I also created labels for each family that came so they could bring home their favor and make the cookie dough into cookies later. I have a free printable available now on our party kits page for these.

Here is How to Make Cookie Monster Cupcakes, the easy way. who wants a cookiemonster cupcake? me! I do!, lol. These were super yummy however I must confess, I did not bake these. I purchased them at the Target Bakery. I was in such a hurry to get everything set up and all of the cookies made in time, that I ran out of time to make cupcakes. I decided to use one of my handy craft cheat tips--which is, DECORATE CUPCAKES THAT ARE ALREADY MADE. I have done this before and no one will ever know the difference, in fact I'm pretty sure the Target Bakery makes them better than me. They were wonderful too! I called them the morning of the party to see if they could whip some up for me and they got them done in an hour, they were fantastic. To decorate the cupcakes, I used coconut and added blue food coloring. Just mix the coconut and blue food coloring together in a bowl until it's the color you want. I then bought some mini oreo cookies. I pulled them apart and only used the sides that had cream centers still on them so it resembled the whites of cookie monster's eyes. I then pushed a small packaged chewy chocolated chip cookie that I had cut in half into the middle of the cupcake to resemble cookie monsters' smile. I will admit, they were not perfect. They also will likely never be featured at Bakerella or some detail oriented bakery like that but they were cute, funny, and perfect for the party. They also were simple as all of my ideas are and delicious, very delicious.

To make the cookie monster invites, you will need:

  • 12x12 bluepaper or blue die cut circles
  • white and black cardstock for cookie monster face
  • white cardstock for circle printable
  • black square envelopes
  • scissors
  • glue stick
for each invitation, you will want to cut out:

  • 1 scalloped blue circle for the face
  • 2 small white circles for the eyes
  • 2 tiny black circles for the eye pupils
  • 1 black circle that will need to be cut a little less than half to create the mouth
Once you have cut everything out, you can use a glue stick to attach the faces. After that, you will want to glue the printable which gives the invite info.

To use this printable for your own party, simply click on this link: Party Kits at The Dragons Fairy Tail .It will direct you to the dragons fairy tail website which has a cookie monster party kit available for download. The printable for the invite is in the file available for download a long with instructions on how to use the party kit. Their should also be templates for the cookie monster face coming soon! to make it easier, this post will be updated when they become available. you can also read: How to Use, Edit, and Print my Printables.

I made most of the labels and signs for this cookie monster birthday party 
by using my cricut machine. I love having it! If you do not have a cricut machine,
 you could purchase die cut letters.

I'm very excited to send these out! and get the rest of the party planned.

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