12 weeks.

well my little cruz is twelve weeks old! He is getting chubbier and chubbier. His hair seems to be thinning out some too and getting a little lighter. We may end up with a blonde at some point. His eyes have started turning blue and he loves to smile. He got to sit in his bumbo this week for a minute and he held his head up perfectly. He also got to go on his first road trip to las vegas. He met his uncle phillip, aunt vanessa, and cousins: abby, chase, and madison. He was so good the whole time, it was a big relief.

His uncle jeff always comments on his bobble head and it's so true. He loves to bob his head back and forth. He still doesn't have complete control of his neck muscles and he tries very hard to keep that head up, lol. its really cute.

Cruz knows how to be demanding but for the most part, he's my little sweetheart. He loves to smile, be held, and he also loves to hang out with his brother.