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Harry Potter Party! with FREE PRINTABLES

well weeks of planning and anticipation for our harry potter party finally came. It was so much fun and I had such a fun time planning this. I am a huge harry potter fan and it was hard seeing it come to an end but it was also exciting to be a part of it. Here are the images, and instructions to creating this magical world of harry potter yourself.

if you want the printables, just e-mail me at justkathryn143@gmail.com and I will send them over for you .

#1. I bought some small blue envelopes at the craft store. they were about 5 by 3.5 inches. You will also need to purchase some white or cream cardstock, and a white chalk pen.

#2. To make the glasses first, you will want to go to this link: 
harry potter glasses. It has the harry potter glasses all ready to cut. You will need to cut them out and tape them together using the manilla tape in the middle of his glasses.

#3. Email me for the printables and once you get them you can simply print off all of the harry potter templates. You should see instructions on how to personalize them for you and your party. #4. Last, write any extra info on the glasses and put everything in envelopes
These labels I made out of stickers that you can find the by mailbox section in home depot. They are typically stickers used for your name and address on a mailbox but they are study and simple. I like them a lot and use them for many projects. I attached them to black cardstock.

I still have some of the signs available to print. If you want the free printables, e-mail me at justkathryn143@gmail.com and I will send you over what I have.

for all of you who have looked around my blog for a little while have probably noticed that my family and I are big harry potter fans so we couldn't get through halloween without a little harry potter magic. here is our super simple, super easy harry potter pumpkin. (their are rain drops on the pumpkin...lol, I should have cleaned it off a little before taking pics but was oblivious to it until after)

(it's a small pie pumpkin. we pushed pins through the glasses into the pumpkin so the glasses would stay. We drew a lightning bolt with a sharpie.) so easy, so simple.


I made these delicious cauldron cakes last night for hubby and I. Well....I should correct myself, I didn't make them--I just assembled them and created the idea. I didn't have time to make home made anything yesterday so I purchased 2 chocolate donuts from the store, and I also found this green liquid taffy at the dollar store. I squeezed it into the middle of the donut so that it appeared it was bubbling and dripping over the "cauldron" or donut. It actually tasted better than I thought it would with the green taffy and certainly looked the part. We watched it while starting our harry potter marathon. We are watching the movies through this week. (and yes, I know we are nerds :))


so we will be having a horcrux hunt at our upcoming harry potter party. Each person will try to find them through out the back yard. Once they are all found, we will hand out prizes. The trick will also be if they can remember what all of the horcruxes are? This can be found in the harry potter party kit with instructions and printables.


You can purchase gummy frogs at many stores. I found them at the dollar tree, and walmart. You can also find them at Winco foods, and really any candy store. Create a chocolate ganache by mixing 1 8 oz bag of dark or milk chocolate chips with 1/4 cup vegetable oil. Heat on low over the stove until completely melted and then turn the stove off and begin dipping the frogs in half way. Lie each frog on parchment or wax paper and once finished, place them in the fridge/freezer until you are ready to put them in the boxes or serve.
go to the leaky cauldron and save their templatechocolate frog box template

upload it into a word document


if you want to print the "chocolate frogs text", add word art on microsoft word and position it on top of the leaky cauldron box template so you know where it will print. then delete the template but the text will stay there.

put the paper back into the printer, face down so it will print on the opposite side of the template


cut and fold
hedwig costume


first off! I am so excited harry potter is coming out in a week! I can't wait.. my little boy will not be attending the harry potter movie but he will be at the party we're having, so I created a hedwig costume for him. I wanted it to be simple and affordable. here is what I did:

1. I found fabric scraps in my closet that I had left over from other projects. I didn't buy any fabric for this costume however if you don't have any, I used white felt, some gray spotted quilting fabric, and I had a little bit of some fur fabric that I put on my wings as well.

2. I took one square piece of felt and cut out a wing. I used the whole length of the felt piece for my son's arm. It depends how big you want the wing to be and how big the person is you are creating this costume for. I eyeballed it while cutting, I didn't trace it at all but certainly you could draw a wing on cardstock and then trace it onto the felt so it would be more exact.

3. After I had my two wings cut, I began cutting little triangles out of the fabric scraps. I then hot glued them to the wings in a fairly random order but I did try to keep the triangle ends out and not cover them with other fabric triangles so that they appeared to be feathers. This was a very fast job and I did not shoot for perfection but I think they look good.4. Last I glued them to a white onesie that my son already had. I just hot glued them to the top of the sleeve. After I took these pictures, I ended up glueing two pieces of string to the back of the wing about halfway down, and then I tied it to his arm. It made it look even better and they stayed on his arms.

5. This is the finished result. (as you can see, my son didn't want to wear the glasses, he just wanted to hold them. oh well!)

Harry potter party menu

I have been researching, and brainstorming to come up with our harry potter menu for our party in about a week. I think it is finished however I may still add a few more things last minute....hopefully I didn't miss anything!? I will be trying other recipes too through out this week as we get excited for the big premiere. 

licorice wands 
honeydukes snack mix 
chocolate frogs

gillyweed & crackers

main course
bubbling potato chowder
with blistering baguettes

butter beer
pumpkin juice
divination tea 


I will be going to a specialty candy store and finding all sorts of different flavors of licorice. 
this will be a sweet snack mix. honey nut chex, pretzel sticks, mnms, gummy bugs. 
I will be purchasing gummy frogs from a candy store. (I've seen them at the dollar store too!) and then I will be dipping them into dark and milk chocolate. I will be assembling chocolate frog boxes and putting them in their. The box directions should be posted soon. 

This will be a simple spinach and artichoke dip. I am not sure what recipe I will use yet. any suggestions would be lovely. 

I am still deciding whether or not we will be having the chowder in bread bowls but we probably will.bake 4 potatoes at 400 degrees for 45 minutes. cook 1 lb. of ground sausage on the stove until it is brown. then pour all of the following ingredients into a crock pot or on the stove and stir. I leave it in the crock pot on low for a few hours and then just keep it on warm. (serves 8) *chopped potatoes *2 cans of cream of potato soup *1 can of water *chopped green onions (measure to how much onion you like) *1 lb. of cooked ground sausage *a few sprinkles of coarse pepper *1/2 cup of sour cream *minced spinach (depending on how much you like, I like quite a bit) 


1 Stick of ButterEqual amount of Gorgonzola Cheese (it can actually be any tasting cheese, but Gorgonzola is the best I think)1/2-3/4 cup of MayoDirections: Mix it all together in a bowl, place one small spoon full on each slice of a baguette. Place it in a Toaster Oven or regular oven at 400 degrees until cheese is bubbling.

1 can of pumpkin pie filling, or pumpkin puree2 cups apple juice 1 cup pineapple juice 1 teaspoon of honey add a dash of cinnamon, ginger, and nutmegput all ingredients in blender, should be smooth. BUTTER BEER (this will maybe serve 2 people)8 oz. of cream soda 2-3 table spoons of butterscotch syrup (optional scoop of ice cream) DIVINATION TEAwe will just have different flavors of teas available. We will be having a divination tea table where you can read your tea cup.
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