baby boutonnière

Baby Boutonniere

When we were trying to plan our son's baby blessing (quite a while ago), I couldn't find anything unique or special for boys. They have amazing beautiful dresses and bows for girls but not really much for boys. I got  the idea of trying to make a baby boutonniere for him that he could wear. 
you will need:
fake greenery (I got mine at the dollar store)
floral wire
hot glue/hot glue gun
a very small piece of felt 
safety pin

1. cut and arrange a few small pieces of greenery together. 
2. wrap them in the wire. I coiled it around the fake stem and then continued to curl it to make it look cool. 
3. tie a ribbon/bow around the wire.
4. hot glue a very small piece of felt to the back of the bouttoniere
5. safety pin through the felt, it just makes it easier to attach. 

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