garden & yard inspiration

My husband and I are adding a few great things to our back yard this summer. We really have never done anything with our back yard and while, we want to keep it simple, I am looking at all sorts of ideas, cool pictures, etc. 

Here is some divine inspiration, (I'd love to hear if any of you have tried any of these products or have other ideas)
From the creator of the topsy turvy, felknor ventures has created another innovative product for growing tomatoes, the topsy turvy turn n grow. I saw them in my home depot a few weeks ago and did purchase one. I will definitely post pictures through the process. hopefully it works! I'm kind of nervous. 
Tomatoe Garden
Vertical Gardens! oh they are amazing. I love the way they look. My only question, is how do you water them properly? (and the first picture is the extreme on a vertical garden...but it is real.Patrick Blanc creates amazing vertical gardens on buildings and he inspired the human garden on runway. haha)
Garden Dress
Wall Garden
Apartment Gardens
Unique Gardens
rain gutter via Suzanne Forsling

We are going to try this! rain gutter lettuce garden. A lady from alaska named Suzanne Forsling tried it and it worked really well. I'm a utahn, so not sure it will work the same way but I'm excited to try. 

and in a dream world, I would want these gardens...

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