Painting your Countertops with Rustoleum Coating

I have painted many things. If you haven't noticed, please read a few more posts on the the blog or even the title of the blog and you will see that well, paint has become a part of me. That is part of the reason that I decided to try out the Rustoleum Countertop Coating Paint. I hated the color of my countertops, especially after we painted our cabinets because the colors really clashed. I decided that painting them would be an inexpensive way to make the kitchen really shine.
I chose black. I always choose either white, gray, or black. It's an obsession really. I've decided it's an Audrey Hepburn kind of thing.
1. Inexpensive. This gives you a huge change with your kitchen with very little moula.
2. Really does look like a countertop counting? Some people have a hard time picturing paint looking thick and like a countertop coating but it actually does a really good job. It feels smooth and the countertops are actually black.
1. Chips away easily around the sink. That is where most if not all of the chips are now (a year in a half later) after painting it. It's not super chipped but it definitely has more wear near the sink. It may be also be due to the fact that we did not remove the sink to paint under it. We just taped and painted around it. Also I should mention that I also painted our bath sink and haven't had any chips yet and so it's possible that I just didn't prep it enough.
2. Sticky. This takes more prep than other painting tasks. You will need to tape down well and lay drop cloths everywhere because the paint is super sticky and takes some gettin' used to.
My overall thoughts for the Rustoleum Countertop Coating Would be positive but I also really want to replace them now and get granite because it's just better and easier. It is starting to wear some around the sick and so it just bothers me. I have had this countertop coating for a year in a half and I would do it again but I definitely wouldn't do this project thinking it will be a forever thing. I also want to mention that I think choosing a color is key. I chose black which is simple but if you choose something bright, it's not going to have any specks in's just a solid color so make sure you picture that before painting.
Rustoleum countertops
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Rustoleum Painting

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