I dig you valentines!

Who loves free PRINTABLES!? (Currently raising my hand). I am super excited to talk about the I dig you valentines that I made for my son's class. These were super easy, affordable, and the perfect boy valentine. I always talk about paint on this blog and while I do love paint, it was nice that this craft and project was completely mess free. It would be great project for involving your little ones and letting them help.
Now, to make this Valentine, you will need:
  • Clear Plastic Gift Bags ($1 for a pack of 20)
  • Chocolate Raisinets $1 per box (each box was enough for 2 valentines)
  • Dump truck cars $1 (for a set of two)
  • The free printable
My son has a very small class with only 8 kids so this was a very affordable valentine for that size of class. If you need something a little cheaper, you could always just print out a picture of a dump truck and stick it in the bag with the Raisinets. To print off the free printable simply click on this link: Free I Dig You Valentine Printable, then print, cut, and staple or tape to the bag.

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