20 Favorite Apps for DIY and Creative Bloggers

Having an iPad has been like having a personal assistance for me. It has changed the way I blog, research, edit, and create. The process is so much easier. I actually love to blog now. I find the process of creating a blog post now almost as introspective and exciting as my diy projects. The sky is the limit, especially with my apps.
Here are my 20 Favorite Apps for DIY and Creative Bloggers
1. Blogsy This is by far the most expensive app in this list and it is completely worth it. I use this app daily. I blog almost completely from this app and it is so much easier than it used to be. I am able to drag and drop photos and videos, add labels, save drafts, and I can even search the web from the app. I would give a 5 star rating.
2. PicCollageThis is great for project brainstorming and putting together an assortment of ideas. I use this probably weekly.
3. ThingLinkThis is great for posts. You can link up different parts of an image and add more photos, videos, or instructions so that it becomes an interactive image. You can also add links (similar to an image map). The downside is that these pictures are not pinnable on pinterest so you want to make sure you add an image or two in your posts as well as these.
4. PolyvoreI have been using this more recently but love it. I can make collages with design and home products for my blog. I use them as round ups and design boards. Polyvore works really well with blogger so you can post them directly to your blog if you wish. It has all of the links available below to the sources in your collage.
5. FlickStackrI need this app and was so grateful I found it and it works so well. I store all of my photos on flickr and so it's important that I can go through them, download them, and get the ready for my posts. I also love that I can upload photos from my iPad or iPhone to the app and onto my flickr. I can also put it into a set before I upload them which I love. This is by far my favorite flickr app and I have tried many. I use this photo multiple times in a week.
6. Pinterest This is a great app for anyone. I use it daily. I used to tear out pages and pages from magazines. They were stored in shoe boxes all over my house. It was a mess. Pinterest has changed all of that for me. I can find great ideas, research new projects I want to do, and discover creative bloggers just like me. I can also gain more followers through pinterest. Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest so participating in it is key for diy, crafty, and design bloggers.
7. Snapseed I love this apps' simple but beautiful editing tools. I use it for almost all of my blogging photos. The filters, colors, and effects in this app are genuine and easy to use. I use this app about every few days. I only wish I could add fonts to the photos in the app. That's the big downside.
8. EtsyThis site gives me tons of inspiration. I love that I can "heart" the items I like and save them for later. I am a designer and I am constantly looking for innovative ideas. Etsy has those. The ideas are fresh and new all the time. I use this app a few times a week.
9. Lowes Creative Ideas MagazineThis is also an inspiration app but focused more on DIY projects. I live at the hardware and home improvement store. It might be my favorite store in truth. The possibilities seem endless and this magazine shows just that. Their are tons of ideas to search through. I use this app a few times a month.
10. Frame Artist + This app allows you to make simple and beautiful framed collages. These are great for round ups and showcasing more than one image on your social networking sites like google+, facebook! Instagram! and facebook. I use this app about once a week.
11. Photo Measures LiteThis is just techno awesome. This allows you to save all of those measurements that you jot down on napkins onto your phone or iPad instead. I can plan out all of the materials I need and the measurements and keep them organized. I use this about once a month.
12. This Old House Design Magazine Another inspiration magazine, I love love love this magazine! I look at it a few times a month but am constantly taking notes as I'm looking at it because it's full of great, classic, and affordable ideas. Even though it focuses on old homes; it will give any type of home a great classic and timeless look.
13. Stanley Level Remember all those days when you can't find your level so you just "eye" it? Also do you remember all those nail holes you had to patch when you "eyed" it. Well don't worry about that anymore. This is a level on your phone and it is fantastic. I use this once a month.
14. Brit + CoThis app is like pinterest but for crafters and diy projects only. It has beautiful pictures, beautiful ideas, and a minimal layout. I love looking through it and getting ideas, inspiration, or finding tutorials for my craftiness. I use this a few times a month.
15. Valspar Color paint ideas for every kind of room, project, or craft. This is a fantastic app for those who love color and find themselves in here to paint aisle way too often. I am a paint hoarder so I use this app about once or twice a month.
16. Notegraphy Graphic quotes that you can create and put into your blog posts. I just started using this. In fact, I have only used it probably 5 times but I already love it. It give my posts more dynamic and the quotes can be pinned to pinterest which I also love.
17. @ppreciate This is similar to notegraphy but in this app you can't make your own quotes, you have to use theirs. The designs are cooler than notegraphy though and the quotes they have are pretty cool so I still use it in my posts from time to time. I use this every few months.
18. RookieThis is a an app for photo editing with stickers and filters. I love the looks of the fonts and the great sticker decor. They aren't your average stickers. They are edgy and real. This Aldo has round and square borders for photos. I use this a few times a week.
19. DropboxGenius idea! Truly whoever thought up this is incredible because this is used constantly. If I have a file that I need downloaded, edited on another computer, or easy to open at a friends house..I can get it all with Dropbox. Having access to your files anywhere, anytime is so helpful. I use this a few times a week.
20. Offline ReaderResearching and reading articles is part of the job as a blogger. I love offline reader because I can keep tons of materials and get to them later when I am waiting at the bus stop to pick up my son or at the doctors office. I use this about three times a month.

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