Week 2: Organizing the Holiday Storage and Stuff

This was such a huge weekly task! I didn't just want to organize the christmas stuff but every holiday box in my house so I went through the Easter stuff, the halloween stuff, and yeah....every holiday. I am going to give some tips for this week because a lot of planning and strategy went into it and hopefully it will help you.

5 top tips for organizing your holiday junk

1. Less is more.
You can love the holidays and not own every blow up decoration and snow globe to show it. I believe that simple and minimal are better because they allow you and your family to celebrate and enjoy the holidays. I have decorated each year with small storage ideas, and have tried to not let it overcome our house so much that it becomes a burden to get things out. Remind yourself that it's time to purge, and less is more. You won't miss it.

2. Make a list of your dream holiday decor plan.

Decide what and where you want to decorate for each holiday. Their are 7 holidays in our house through the year that get decorations. Valentines, Easter, St Patricks Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and, Easter. As I sat down and thought through what things I loved most about those holidays and which decorations and I loved most or wanted, it became much easier to realize what I don't need and can get rid of. Basically if it doesn't fit in your plan, it's okay to let it go. I also want to mention and you will see this earlier but the only holidays that now have boxes in my garage for storage are: Easter, halloween, and christmas because the other holidays just don't need as much decor.

3. Give yourself a limit

We need limits. Find a box for each holiday and label it. Limit yourself to that box. If you get more or better stuff, get rid of just as much so that it will fit into the designated boxes.

4. Look for space saving decorations

Their are tons of great holiday ideas out there but many of us buy something we think is really cool at the beginning of the holiday but soon realize, it's not very easy to store. Try to think up great space saving holiday decorations instead. For example, twinkle lights are super easy to store and you can keep a strand in each box with different color ribbons for each holiday tied to it. Fabric decorations are typically easy to store as are fake flowers, ribbons, flags, and pennant banners. They can make a big statement without having to be so hard to store.5. Set out bins in closets for other fillers for all year round.
So this step is something I came up with and am quite proud of. For the holidays like valentines, st patricks day, and even thanksgiving for me-- I don't have a lot of a decorations and I like it that way. I do a few things but they are small and they mainly involve jars that are year round in my living room. I fill them with different fillers for every holiday. For example, I put fake snow and pine cones in them christmas, and Easter eggs for Easter. I realized that by creating a bin filler system in my shelving, I could just keep those kinds of fillers through the year and on those certain holidays when I needed something specific. I have large boxes for Easter, halloween, and christmas but for the other holidays, I just find things that work and go from the bins above and believe me, I have plenty of choices. Here are some pictures that can help explain more:
I want to mention that I got the labels to print and use at the bhg. Click here to go and print some for yourself, they are free!

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