Week 1: Organize Toys

Alright so my new year resolution has started and I am here to talk about week 1. For any of you who haven't read my 52 week plan to organizing my life, you can read all about it here. Let me start with letting many of you know that while I love minimal everything, my life and house right now is chaos and so this is a super needed resolution for me. It's not going to be perfect but I am really motivated to being better and living a more simpler and minimal life.
Okay so this week was organizing toys. I have gone through every room with toys and have organized them into bins, gotten rid of the broken and unused stuff, and I have labeled everything in hopes that they will stay clean somewhat regularly and have a place.
I decided that I needed to figure out where we need toys, and where we have space. It's important to get rid of thigns you don't have space for or are not used regularly.This is what I figured out for our house:

Alright so finding a designated play area for the shared toys is important. Even if you do not have a play room available, you can create a toy space in your family room, under the stairs, in a closet, or even in your kids room if necessary. This designated play area should be full of shared toys. You don't want toys that only belong to one child because this is the area where the kids should be able to play together and spend time. It should be easily labeled, and easy possible for them to put away and get a long.
Our play area is in the basement in the family room and under the stairs. We have bins in a cubby area and then we have the bigger toys under the stairs. We got the cubby system shown above from Walmart. I will be posting a tutorial on how we made the sports part of this cubby system in the next few weeks. 

Other toys
Its also important to designate a place for potty training toys, bath toys, church bag toys, car toys, and outdoor toys. I have included pictures for some of the solutions I found.
Free label PRINTABLES at the bhg.com. I found these great PRINTABLES and they were so easy to use. I printed them out, laminated them, punched a hole or taped them and connected the hole punch ones with rubber bands so they are a little stretchy for tiny pulling hands. Super excited to have everything labeled and in place!

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