Ways to have a Simple and Special Valentines Day w/ Kids

Our Valentines Simplified.
Paper window hearts found at Our House of Paint
I made these fun tissue paper hearts last year and loved them. Any kind of paper, adhesive though can be fun and great in any house. It's simple but festive and great for kids. We put these in our windows every year .
Valentine Socks found at Pinterest
For the kiddos, they get valentine heart socks each year. It's fun to make a picture with their fun socks. Sometimes I put a treat inside like a stocking but the big tradition is the socks.
Gummy Hearts at Winco Foods
Most stores have gummy hearts during the love February season. I like getting mine from Winco food stores. They just have a big variety and you can get as little or as much as you want. I put them in my candy bowl and we eat away until they are gone.
*whatever valentines day
Chocolate Covered Strawberries found at pinterest
Chocolate and strawberries go together like peanut butter and jelly. They are always perfect and Jared's gift to me each year. We don't give gifts to each other except he makes chocolate covered strawberries, and I pick out a movie. After the kids go to bed, we eat chocolate covered strawberries and kick off our shoes to enjoy our night.

Chinese Take Out like at panda express

Theirs nothing quite as fun, romantic, and easy as Chinese takeout. It's a huge tradition at my house and my kids love it too.

DIY Valentines found at pinterest
Did A round up with an incredible assortment of diy valentines to make for classes, friends, and family.
Italian Sodas found at pinterest
After the kids have gone down to bed, and it's all about me and My babe, it's time for a drink. I am an Italian soda lover. I mix ice, sparkling water, torrani flavored syrup, and heavy whipping cream.
Redbox Movie at redbox.com
At the end the night, I choose one movie for the kids that we watch before their bedtime, and then one for Jared and I to cuddle up to after the kiddos go to bed.