Little Clearance Skeleton Costumes

What I perhaps don't talk enough about is how much I love clearance aisles, thrift stores,and well anything at a tremendous discount. We have had a very busy year. My son is going to a school for autism about an hour away which means we are a commuting family these days and my husband has switched jobs which is always stressful. Needless to say, I needed something low key and simple. I did make my husbands hat for his costume and made some adorable skeleton socks for my kids (which as you can see in the pictures only one of my children agrees to wear) but I bought my children clearance skeleton pajamas for halloween and I think they look adorable. They also glow really well and I should get some more pics on halloween that I will add into this post so you can see the glowing hopefully. I would suggest to all parents out there that deciding what you want them to be next year or at least getting some ideas is a good idea now because things will go on major clearance after halloween and that will be a great time to even buy supplies if you plan on making a costume. I know it is hard for parents with kids that are very picky about what they want to be each year but even just starting to get ideas.

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