Meet Ollivander, our new puppy

Alright so we have had quite the week. We have a new puppy, Ollivander. We reserved him about a month or so ago. This plan to get a puppy has been in the process for some time. It's been a crazy year for us with lots of ups and downs. My hubby lost his job and so we spent the first half of this year searching for a job and practicing interviewing, and trying to stay positive. We even listed our house thinking we were going to move away and then a job came in at the very last minute and it's worked out but none the less, been very stressful. We are still really adjusting to the new job and new schedule and new life but we are happy. During this stressful time, we talked about a puppy all the time. It was on our minds constantly and I think it gave us hope for when this trial was over. Well, jared got a job and we got a puppy.

His name is Ollivander (yes we are harry potter nerds. we have a cat named lilly too) and so you can expect many more diy pet projects coming up. We have a few in the works. so excited!

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