$10 Garage Tool Hanger

Oh man! My husband and I have been desperate at getting things organized in our home the last few years. It has been a huge work in progress because we are still working on it but last year, my husband thought of this brilliant idea to hang up the tools in our garage and it only cost us $10. Now they have these in stores at Home Depot but they were priced at close to $100 or more and being cheap diy'ers, we decided to make one ourselves.
  • 8 ft long 2 x 8 Wood piece estimate $6-8
  • 3 inch nails $2 (box can be $5 but you only need like $1-2 worth)
I nailed through the wood into the studs to attach it to the wall. I then nailed the nails in about an inch and so about 2 inches were sticking out but do it at a slight angle so the tools don't fall off. That's really about it. It's really simple. Just find your tools and hang them on up. You might need people to help you hold the wood while you attach it to the wall. Also worth mentioning, we left a big gap for future tools that we purchase. We have used this for over a year and have been so happy with it and have had no problems.
garage tool hanger
garage tool organization

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