Gum Drop Thanksgiving

An Edible Thanksgiving

Last year, I did a gum drop thanksgiving. I made an edible centerpiece/table runner and we made cute gum drop thanksgiving turkeys. It took a bit of time but was a lot of fun to make and everything was edible so people could off the centerpiece if they wanted to.

Gum Drop Table Runner

To make this, I simply cut pieces of wax paper that were the size of the tale runner. I then put down a layer of frosting and some crushed oreos, coconut, pretzels, and any other small candies we could find. I created pumpkins out of gum drop orange slices and I cut a small piece of a green gum drop for the top. I also created gum drop roses. I have a tutorial for that so be sure to check it out. Last, I used some extra candy corn for and a bit of green gum drop to resemble carrots. I had alot of fun creating this centerpiece for thanksgiving and it was definitely a talking point.

Gum Drop Turkeys

to make these, you will need: 1 large gum drop, 1 orange slice, 1 marshmallow, 1 dark green or blue food coloring, 4 toothpicks, and 5 small-regular gum drops. This is a great kids craft for thanksgiving and is easy to make. You will poke the toothpick with a small gum drop as a feather and then stick into the orange slice. After you have created all of the feathers and fourth toothpicks are stuck into the orange slice. You will attach the body by connecting all 5 toothpicks into the large gum drop (body of the turkey). You will need to trim a toothpick so that it can stick into a small gum drop (the head) and then into the large gum drop. You don't want it to be too long and stick out of the head too much (or it might look like pinnochio, lol). You will notice however that the toothpick is sticking out just a little to look like a small beak for the turkey. To attach the eyes, you want to get 2 small tiny pieces of marshmallow, roll them in your hands to look like eyes and then attach a little water and push them on the turkey. To give eyeballs, take a toothpick, put a little food color on it and dab it on each marshmallow so it resembles an eyeball. that's about it! any questions about these directions? feel free to let me know.
gum drop turkeys.
I created gum drop rose pumpkins by sticking them in as decorating with roses