Small Entryway Ideas

Small Entry Way Ideas

So if you were to come to my house and open my front door, you would notice rather immediately that I have no entry way! I hate that part of my little house. Their is no room for shoes, coats, a sort of small mud room area would be nice but theirs not even a little cove. Instead, you are welcomed straight into my oddly shaped living room. I have been looking for ideas, but thier are very few ideas that will really look for the small space I have so after searching high and low, I have finally decided that these options are pretty cool. Some of them still don't completely work for my space but parts of them do and I like the colors, zen feeling, and collection of items here. Keys are organized, shoes are put away, coats are hung. It's a beautiful space. Now I just have to decide what is the best idea for me and my space....we'll see. I think it will be a while till I get to this project since I have so many others but I still find it on my mind, especially with fall and winter coats coming out.