collage Idea boards for my DIY projects

My Collage Ideas for My Home

I have been brainstorming, budgeting, and dreaming about ideas in my little home. Jared and I have decided to use some of the money we have saved to transform our home now that we have realized, we will be here for a while. That has caused me to plan, plan, and plan. For this first round up of diy projects, I only have $1000.00 to spend so I have had to very thrift, smart, and budget conscious. After we get some of these done, we will be finishing the basement and then working on the backyard. After that, we will come back and finish a few more projects in the house. This will depend on how much the basement costs, and how much money we have left. Anyway, most of these ideas are in the first round up of diy projects so they will be getting done (fingers crossed) in the next month. Some of these ideas have already been started too.

for the master bedroom, I plan on creating a wood pallet wall. We have already gotten the wood pallets, now we just need to start the project. We want a rustic elegance in our room. We already have lace curtains, and I just purchased a black chandelier and it is hanging in our room now. I have white bedding but I do plan on painting the walls a light gray. Also, I would like to put knobs on our ikea malm furniture (we'll see how much money I have after this makeover)
for the kids bath, I want color. I am planning a black and white tile floor. we have already torn out the linoleum and are starting to tile so this floor should be done soon. we ahve multicolored striped towels we plan on keeping. I want to put a panel on the outside of the tub to give it some more character and I'd like to put some fun graphic prints in the bath if funds allow. oh! I also plan on doing the black molding frame around the bath mirror
for the exterior of the house, I have replaced the lighting and love the change! I want a new doorbell or some sort of update to it. I'd like to paint the front door as well (dark blue) and put some extra molding and vintage finishes on the outside. I'd also love some green ivy.
for the kitchen, I have created a chalkboard fridge. I put an old edison bulb simple pendant in. I also have painted our top cabinets white. I plan on painting the bottom cabinets gray this coming week. We will also be replacing the floor and doing a subfloor idea for a while. I'm excited and nervous to do that project. Last, we want butcher block countertops but that change will be a little while.
for the master closet, I would like to paint the room a light gray, (we'll see!). I have replaced the light though with a small but vintage acorn light. I would love some black or dark finishes. I also would like some cool anthropologie knobs to hang my jewelry with. I'll keep you updated on that but this room is a low priority so it might be a while.