PDD-NOS apps for toddlers & kids

ok first off, it's been so frustrating this week because on monday afternoon, go daddy was hacked and so my site and blog were down and then, on tuesday afternoon my website was back up but the blog was not. After spending 4+ hours on the phone with google and go daddy; they finally said their was something going wrong with google right now and I would just have to wait. They have given me a temporary fix so I can continue to blog which is why I am able to write all of you but just know, if their are few more glitches over the next few days; please stay tuned and I will make it up to you.

Because of the glitches, I have posted some party and diy posts tonight as well just to catch up on what I missed the last few days.

ok so this post is going to be about APPs. I blog, and spend a lot of my time on my ipad or apple computer. I am mac fan through and through but believe it or not, I have owned 1 ipod that I've used seldomly (I got it last christmas) and I have never owned an iphone. I have always wanted one but jared and I just didn't have the budget for it. We have been trying to save money for so long and so it's ended up on the bottom of our to do list. Anyway, we have come to the point where we are ready to take that step into iphone groupies. We are SUPER excited about it. We are debating between the iphone 4 and iphone 4s but I will be sure to let you know which one we get.

Now back to apps, my son loves the ipad as well. I download lots of fun apps for him and if I let him, he would spend hours and hours on there with them. While I don't let him spend hours, I do think it's beneficial for him. He's learned a lot of his numbers on the ipad and I'm very proud with the progress he's made. Logen was diagnosed with pdd-nos this last year but they are also watching for aspbergers. Anyways, we have found lots of apps that are helpful in social, sensory, attention, and language deficiencies. Since today's topic is on kids, I thought I would post some of our favorite apps that really help with aspbergers and pdd-nos (or at least have helped us). I should also mention that other kids will love these too even if they don't have either of these disorders. These are just great apps for kids.

PDD-nos APPS for toddlers & kids

ok so we have the free lite version of this app. The full app is $30 (wow huh!?) but I have to say, it's awesome and I've actually thought about buying the full version because in truth, this is the only real learning app you need. It has sorting, puzzles, shapes, matching, tracing, fine motor skills, logical reasoning, and pre math skills. This app is specially designed for kids with developmental needs but any kid would love it. It really helps with attention for Logen and he loves the games. I think that this app alone is the most helpful for him. I LOVE this app for him.
Monkey Math School Sunshine.
Logen is obsessed with numbers. I have read that a lot of kids with pdd-nos and aspbergers really love numbers and symbols. anyways, he has learned a lot of math skills from this app and just simply enjoys seeing the monkey and the great graphics too. It cost me I believe $2.99 but it was worth it. He plays it all the time and loves to point and say all of the numbers.
Disneyland Explorer
Disneyland Explorer is awesome. It scrolls through the entire park plus california adventures and downtown disney and the disney resorts too! It has little games, pictures, and songs through out as you scroll and you can basically click on anything and it will tell you what it is. This is more an enjoyment and fun app for logen but it really keeps his attention. One thing logen struggles with is staying on one task for long enough. Sometimes he is getting into one app for less than 30 seconds, and then moves on to another but with this app, he just loves that it keeps going and going with characters from movies that he loves. I think this is perfect for the disney fanatic kid. Hey I go and look at it too so the disney fanatic parents work too! (I should mention, it takes 1 whole gb. of space. it's a huge space taking app! but it is super cool and worth it for me)

Hungry Fish
Hungry Fish is another math app. I know that I've already mentioned some math apps but this one is all about addition and it's really cute. The other math apps are a little more preschool where I think this one is more for elementary school. It also does multiplication and subtraction. Logen loves to play with it and say the numbers. He doesn't quite understand the concept but he loves it and it's an adorable and helpful app for kids who love math or even need to work on their math skills.

Awesome Eats
Awesome Eats is kind of weird but my son is obsessed. I have tried to delete it but he got super upset when he couldn't find it, so it ended up back on my ipad for him to play with. It's a great app, it is...I just feel sometimes like we have too many. It teaches about healthy eating and then you play a little game where you sort of the food on a conveyer belt. Thats why logen loves it so much. He loves to move the fruits and veggies over the conveyer belt and score points. I felt like I should mention this app since he loves it so much and it does help him and keep his attention.

Play123 Screenshot

Play 1. 2. 3.
play 123 is a great app to get kids to calm down a little and feel peace. It teaches colors, shapes, and has some sensory learning as well. I love the way you can spin the objects, draw them, stack them and their are so many options and ideas. It leaves a lot to the imagination. Logen enjoys this app a lot. He loves to spin the shapes, and enjoys popping them too. It's a great app and it's free!

PBS Kids is for every kid and parent. They have snippets from shows, games, and activities. Their are lots of resources. I love this for those moments when I need a moment, he wants to watch a show or needs to calm down. This is likely to do the trick.


Since I've already mentioned a few number and counting apps, I thought I'd better mention an ABC app too. This one is fantastic and the best one out there that I've found. Every letter is interactive and it says the letter, the name, and has cool sound effects. so fun! Logen loves it.

ok so that's it! those are the apps we especially love right now and seem to be educational too! feel free to contact me if you have questions about the apps.