Small Home DIY Projects

Small Space Projects for the Home

So as I said last week, Jared and I have decided to embrace the truth that we are stuck in our 1600 sq. foot house for a while and really only 1090 of those sq. ft are finished as of now so that has had me searching and searching for small space solutions. We have a thousand in one projects to do this coming year (ok not a thousand in one but pretty close). To start with, we are taking out the ugly linoleum floors in the bath and re-tiling them with some awesome vintage tiles. We have already finished the master bath floor but need to add the molding still or else I would show pictures. We are now working on the kids bath floor but after that, we have are adding a frame to the mirror, and some molding around the bath tub. Then that room will be finished, after's kitchen & master bedroom time and believe me, the projects in those rooms go on and on and on....I am as excited as I am dreading it. lol, isn't that weird? anyway, I am doing a round up today with small space projects and really cool space design. Hopefully a few of you are trying to create more space or just tackle more diy projects and can relate with this post. It's been a tough reality with the economy the way it is but I also think it's a blessing. We have a home and so many people have lost theirs. We are going to show our kids that you don't sit and say "poor me!" but you turn a negative into a postive. It won't be easy. Each day I think about how we are going to make this work, and make me happy. I was that girl who dreamed about having a big white georgian style home with a wrap around porch and tree swing. I still hope to have something like that one day but for now, I need to do what's right for my family and I don't know why, but this is it.

Small Space Projects

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